About us


Alessandro Caffe has been mastering and enhancing exquisite coffee blends of the finest 100% Arabica Beans for over 20 years. Whether you are in the mood for The Worlds Finest Cup of Coffee or Tea, Alessandro Caffe brings it to you. Roasted daily in small batches and packaged for next day delivery. When it comes to quality and service, no one beats Alessandro Caffe.

Alessandro Caffe also provides some of the worlds best hot and iced teas. Our buyers have years of experience and travel the globe to create Tea Blends beyond compare.

Alessandro Caffe has become a leading provider of imported commercial Espresso Machines, Iced Tea and Coffee Brewers for restaurants and business.

We are The Dakdouk Family, Majed and Anita. We come from Venezuela in South America where coffee grows in the far-western region near the Colombian Border. Venezuelan coffee is rich with acidity, full body with fruity overtones. Growing up next to coffee plantations, we developed a passion for coffee at an early age. After immigrating to United States, our love for coffee grew, leading us to work for a very recognized coffee company in the USA.

We welcomed our first born baby Alessandro in 1996. After years of dedication and hard work, our Family dream came true with the opening of Alessandro Caffe Coffee and Tea Roasting Company in Valencia, California. Roasting and blending the finest 100% Arabica Beans, we created a magnificent blend of Espresso and drip coffee. Over the years, we have grown into one of the finest quality coffee roasters in the industry.

With the arrival of our baby girl Daniella and the support of our loyal customers, Alessandro Caffe found a new need and now provides an inspirational and exceptional product, hot teas. Like a fine wine, our teas bring an exquisitely delicate and delicious flavor to the table, creating a wonderful experience. Try our teas today and see for yourself!